A Comprehensive Guide Of Shopify Product Bundle


Every Shopify merchant dreams of a magic strategy for earning revenue. However, in fact, many tactics require much effort and can take months to show results.

What if there was a simpler, more direct approach to your customers?

The answer is Shopify Product Bundle.

But what exactly is a Shopify Product Bundle? Why consider it as a short path to boost sales? What are the best product bundle apps in Shopify to use? This blog will comprehensively answer all these questions.

What is a Shopify bundle product?

Ever spend hours finding the perfect lipstick, only to realize you also need a lip liner to complete your look? A Shopify product bundle solves this problem by putting together complementary items you’ll likely use together.

Therefore, product bundling is a strategic approach for Shopify owners where multiple items are packaged and sold together as a single unit, often at a discounted price. This tactic promotes purchases by offering customers a compelling deal, which enhances their shopping experience and revenue growth for the store.

However, building winning Shopify bundles goes beyond choosing products. Therefore, Shopify offers powerful apps to help you create, manage, and tailor bundles to meet specific customer needs.

Common types & real-life Shopify Product Bundles

Now let’s take a peek at how real-life Shopify merchants are using creative product bundles.

From clever combinations to strategic discounts, these examples will spark your imagination and show you how bundling can be a game-changer for your business.

1. Pure product bundle

Pure bundling means products are only available when purchased as a bundle – they are not available for separate purchases. This tactic is favored by many Shopify merchants because it is a great way to promote purchases and discover new products you might like.

Let’s dive into The Spice Suite’s world of flavor. Unlike traditional shops, they don’t offer individual spice rubs, but curated packages, ensuring delicious results and a flavor journey in one purchase.

The Spice Suite pure product bundle example
The Spice Suite pure product bundle example

2. Mixed Shopify product bundle

This type of bundle provides different but related products into one package at a discount. Those are also sold separately but now combined together, offering both convenience and savings.

For customers, this offers a one-stop shop for everything they need while ensuring they have all the right products to achieve their desired outcomes.

Beard Octane, a Shopify-built store, offers a “Beard starter kit”, a perfect solution for those who aren’t exactly sure what products they’ll need among hundreds of products in the store to start their bearded journey.

Mixed Shopify product bundling example by Beard Octane
Mixed Shopify product bundling example by Beard Octane

3. Cross-sell bundling product Shopify

Cross-selling is like suggesting a side dish to go with your main course. You’re offering an additional product, closely linked to the initial purchase and enhancing its functionality.

Need just a clear case at Louve? However, their cross-sell bundles display with straps and wristlets turns your basic buy into a phone fashion statement. It makes you realize your phone deserves some styles too, then buying the whole bundle instead of just a phone case as intended.

The Louve cross-sell bundling product Shopify example
The Louve cross-sell bundling product Shopify example

4. Mix-and-match bundle

A mix-and-match bundle is a type of product bundle that lets Shopify shoppers pick and choose different items to create their own package. This encourages higher sales by allowing customers to personalize their purchases.

Love Krack’s Snacks, but you have your own favour? They do offer “Customize your box”, and let you design the perfect mix for your taste buds. From salty pretzels to creamy chocolates, it’s all about personalization at a discounted price!

The Krack's Snacks mix-and-match bundle product example
The Krack’s Snacks mix-and-match bundle product example

5. BOGO product bundle

This classic Shopify bundle entices shoppers with the opportunity to score a free or discounted second item when they purchase a specific product.

It can be “Buy one, get free”, “Buy one, get one 50% off”, and so on, allowing Shopify owners to tailor the offer to their specific goals and target audience.

LoveSkin, a BOGOS customer, understands the importance of a great deal. That’s why they frequently offer a BOGO bundle, letting their shoppers have a facial massage at home while emphasizing the benefits of the product.

A BOGO product bundle of LoveSkin store
A BOGO product bundle of LoveSkin store

6. New product bundling Shopify

This type of bundle strategically pairs a newly launched product with an established or popular item. By offering both products at a discounted rate, customers are encouraged trial and motivates customers to step out of their comfort zone to try something new within the context of a familiar or trusted offering

Take the case of Xotics, a Shopify store, just launching a new beard balm, but their customers are hesitant to buy it individually, unsure if it’ll work for their beard. Therefore, they create a discounted bundle product and then give details about “what you get” when buying this bundle.

A Xotics example of new product bundling Shopify
A Xotics example of new product bundling Shopify

7. Gift set product bundle

Gift set bundles are pre-selected collections of products designed specifically for gifting. Often featuring festive or themed packaging, they offer a convenient and thoughtful way to show you care, perfect for any occasion.

Imagine the delight of receiving a beautifully wrapped box from The Botanical Candle Co. Shop, knowing it’s filled with lovely products inside and you don’t have to struggle with the wrapping process.

Botanical Candle Co. Shop with its gift set product bundle
Botanical Candle Co. Shop with its gift set product bundle

Why should I launch a Shopify product bundling?

Bundling products can revolutionize your Shopify store! Let’s dive into why this tactic is a favorite among many Shopify merchants and how it is a win-win for both sellers and customers.

1. Increase average order value (AOV)

Bundling products on Shopify encourages customers to spend more than they originally intended by purchasing multiple items at once, which means higher sales volume.

SkinShop.ie is such a glowing example, using BOGOS to create their bundles, especially BOGO ones. This strategy transforms their customer behavior from grabbing a single product to buying the entire skincare routine bundle, leading to a remarkable €300,000 increase last year.

SkinShop increases AOV with BOGOS's bundle
SkinShop has increased AOV with BOGOS’s bundles

2. Encourage new trial product

Customers are often hesitant to try new, trial-sized products due to the fear of wasting money if they don’t like them. Therefore, bundling a new product with established favorites reduces this perceived risk by providing a familiar anchor point. This also increases the visibility of new products, potentially leading to future full-size purchases.

3. Clear inventory

Product bundling in Shopify presents a powerful solution for clearing excess stock by bundling slow-moving items with relevant and more popular ones. As a result, it frees up valuable storage space and reduces holding costs.

Additionally, using a Shopify product bundle app aids in streamlining this process and making it more efficient.

4. Simplify marketing

Traditionally, marketing ten separate skincare products requires ten presentations and ten ad campaigns.
However, Shopify bundles transform this, allowing you to efficiently promote multiple products at once!

Create a “Beauty Routine Bundle” that combines cleansers, moisturizers, and more into a cohesive skincare solution. This not only saves you money on marketing presentations but also simplifies your message – sell a complete routine, not ten individual items.

Top Shopify Bundle Apps

Creating product bundles on Shopify is a breeze with the right tools. Here are some apps to consider based on your needs.

  • Shopify Bundles: You can manage bundles directly in your Shopify admin panel, choose products and variations, and then enjoy built-in inventory management to avoid overselling.
  • BOGOS: BOGOS is ideal for those seeking a basic product bundling setup, incorporating customizable gift offers with a user-friendly interface. Especially, BOGOS empowers Shopify merchants to diversify their offers, expanding their reach and meeting various types of customer’s needs.
  • Bundler: This app offers advanced bundle creation with diverse bundle types and personalize product images – especially perfect for users who want to go beyond the basics.
  • Frequently Bought Together: This app suggests complementary products alongside individual items; therefore, encouraging customers to add more to their cart.

How to create a Shopify product bundle

Shopify empowers merchants to create their own product bundles. Here’s a quick guide to the two product bundle apps on Shopify.

Creating bundle products using app Shopify Bundles

Step 1: From your Shopify admin, click Bundles, then “Create bundle”

Step 1 click create bundle to create a bundle using Shopify Bundles

Step 2: In the “Title” field, enter a title for your Shopify product bundle.

Step 3: In the “Add products” dialog, select the products that you want to include in your bundle, and then click Select.

Step 23 fulfill information to create a bundle using Shopify Bundles

Step 4: Do any of the following (optional):

  • To increase the quantity of a product in your bundle, adjust the number in the quantity field.
  • To adjust the variants of a bundle product, click the variant name to select or deselect the variant.
  • To add the quantity as a bundle option, click … next to the product, and then select Add quantity as an option.
  • To create a multipack bundle, click … and select Duplicate product.

Step 5: Click Save and continue.

Step 6: On the product details page, add any applicable product details.

Step 6 add product description in how to create a product bundle Shopify

Step 7: Click Save and activate your Shopify bundle.

Creating Shopify Product Bundle using app BOGOS

Creating sales-boosting bundles doesn’t have to be a headache. That’s why we’ll give you a step-by-step guide for launching a BOGOS basic bundle, thus ensuring your bundle-created experience is simplified.

Step 1: Create bundle

From your Shopify admin, visit BOGOS: Free gift & Buy X Get Y app, and click “All bundles”, then “Create bundle” or “Create first bundle” if it’s your first try.

Step 1 click create bundle in creating a Shopify bundling product using BOGOS 3

Step 2: Set bundle title

In “Bundle information”, input a tempting title of the bundle that suits your products best.

You also can give more details or CTA in “Bundle description”.

Step 2 add bundle information in using BOGOS to create a bundling product Shopify

Step 3: Choose a date and time

In “Bundle information”, choose the Start and End time to set the bundle’s duration (End time is optional).

Step 4: Select the bundle

Then, click “Select products” to choose what to be bundled.

BOGOS also gives Shopify merchants a “Preview” widget, ensuring the promotion visualized exactly as it will appear to customers before launching it.

In “Select bundle”, you can choose between two discount types: percentage and amount.

Step 4 select bundle to create a Shopify product bundle with BOGOS

Step 5: Combinations

In this section, you can decide whether your Shopify product bundling is combined with order discounts and shipping discounts or not.

Step 6: Save draft or Publish

Now that you’ve set up your own Shopify bundle, you can:

Click “Save draft” to keep your offer settings for future use. It won’t activate yet, so you can come back and tweak it if needed.

Click “Publish” to instantly make the bundle available on your online store for customers to see.

Step 6 save draft or publish your product bundling Shopify by BOGOS

Step 7: Recheck on your Shopify-built store

Once your Shopify bundle product is set up, head to your Shopify store to see it in action!

Step 7 recheck store in creating BOGOS product bundle

How to build a Shopify bundling strategy

Now, this guide will equip you with a step-by-step approach to creating clear and effective Shopify product bundles, thus transforming from customers’ confusion to conversion.

1. Define your goals

Firstly, ask yourself “What do you want to achieve with product bundling?” to find the answer. Then select your bundle types based on that. Here are some examples:

Increase AOV: Choosing pure or upsell bundles to entice shoppers to buy items they might not originally intend.

Reduce inventory: Clearing your excess stock by BOGO, pure or mixed Shopify product bundling to incentivize the purchase of the less popular item.

2. Identify products to bundle in Shopify

Once you have your goals in mind, choose the Shopify Product Bundle type that best aligns with them. Also, consider the following factors:

Customer needs and habits: Analyze customer purchase history. Look for frequently bought-together items or patterns suggesting complementary needs.

Think like a problem solver: Identify common customer challenges related to your products and how your Shopify bundles address those.

Pair bundles smartly: Focus on the overall experience and how the products work together. Don’t just bundle expensive with cheap items!

3. Set pricing and discounts

To maximize sales, price your bundle strategically. Calculate the gross margin (selling price – cost of goods sold) and choose a discount type (percentage, fixed amount, or free shipping) that creates value for customers.

4. Implement and analyze

The key is to utilize top Shopify bundle apps based on your need for creating and managing product bundles, and regularly monitor their performance and customer feedback.

Don’t forget to test different bundle combinations, pricing structures, and marketing strategies to see what resonates best with your audience.

Noted: Remember to offer products individually too. Customers need the option to compare prices and might miss out entirely if bundles are their only choice.

How to promote bundles effectively in your Shopify store

1. Highlight the value proposition

Focus on benefits: Instead of just listing the products in the bundle, highlight the problem it solves or the value it delivers. Is it a discounted price, more convenient, or creates a complete solution?

Targeted messaging: Tailor your messaging to your target audience emphasizing on how this bundle would be specifically valuable to them.

Highlight customer reviews: Build trust and social proof for your Shopify-built store, encouraging others to purchase using star ratings & testimonials like iGlow below.

iGlow example of highlighting customer reviews for its Shopify bundles
iGlow example of highlighting customer reviews for its Shopify bundles

2. Product page placement

Leverage Shopify product page recommendations to suggest relevant bundles alongside individual products. This is a natural cross-selling opportunity.

Consider using pop-up windows to showcase special bundle offers as soon as customers land on a product page related to the Shopify bundle.

3. Bundles on your homepage

Highlight your Shopify product bundle: Use eye-catching banners, high-quality images, featured sections, or carousels to grab attention. Take The Yoga Bundle with its “It’s a 99% discount” message as a prime example.

The Yoga Bundle example of highlighting its Shopify bundling product on homepage
The Yoga Bundle example of highlighting its Shopify bundling products on homepage

Create a dedicated bundle page: If you offer many bundles, consider creating a new page specifically for bundles and adding it to your main navigation menu like what Merchant Gourmet has done.

Merchant Gourmet example of creating a new Shopify product bundling page
Merchant Gourmet example of creating a new Shopify product bundling page

4. Suggest bundles at checkout

As customers finalize their purchases, present them with relevant bundle options that complement the items already in their cart. This is a strategic last-minute nudge that can encourage them to add a bundle and increase their OAV.

5. Run limited-time bundles

To enhance the sense of urgency, you can use countdown timers on your Shopify store to announce a limited number of bundles, flash sales, and limited-edition holiday bundles.

Use clear call-to-action (CTA) like “Only X bundles left!” to trigger customers’ FOMO.

However, don’t overuse limited-time offers, as it can lose its effectiveness over time.

Create Your Shopify Product Bundle Today!

In conclusion, the key lies in understanding your audience, creating valuable bundles, promoting them effectively, continuously optimizing based on data, and utilizing Shopify bundle apps for a seamless experience.

If you’re seeking a quick and easy way to jump into bundling, consider BOGOS with an easy bundle setup, and user-friendly interface, attracting new customers and expanding your reach by offering many other types of gift offers such as BOGO and Free gift with purchase.

Ready to get started? Transforming your Shopify store with product bundling today!

Shopify product bundle FAQs

Q1: What is Shopify Product Bundle?

A: Shopify Product Bundles allows you to group multiple products together at a discounted price or with other incentives. Therefore, this can increase your AOV and encourage customers to purchase more products.

Q2: When should I promote Shopify bundles?

A: You should consider using Shopify bundles for:
– Clearing out slow-moving inventory
– Promoting new product launches or gift sets for special occasions.
– Offering complementary products that customers might naturally purchase together.

Q3: How is a Shopify Product Bundle different from a package?

A: While a bundle product groups separate items that are sold together at a lower price, a package usually includes a single product that is sold with additional items (often non-discounted).

Q4: What’s the best Shopify bundling app?

A: The “best” app depends on your specific needs and budget, thus testing different apps to see which one works best for you. If you want a quick, easy way that can combine with other promotional offers, consider trying BOGOS! Take a free 7-day trial first before any charges.

Q5: What features should I look for in a Shopify bundling app?

A: Consider these features when choosing a bundling app: easy setup & management, flexible bundle types, seamless inventory integration, diverse discounting options, and insightful performance reports (conversion rates, sales). This ensures data-driven optimization for your bundles.

Q6: How can I make my Shopify bundles more successful?

A: To maximize the success of your Shopify bundles, remember to clearly communicate the value proposition (discounted price, convenience) and showcase them with attractive product images.
Promote your bundles across your product pages, emails, social media to ensure customers see them.
Finally, track your bundle performance and make data-driven adjustments to optimize your strategy for maximum impact.

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