Over 30,000 Shopify merchants turn visitors into customers using BOGOS gift offers

Main features


Buy one, get one

Encourage your customers to buy more and make them feel valued with the classic Buy one, get one (BOGO) deals. They will be excited to discover all your deals while shopping!


Free gift with purchase

Boost your sales by offering your customers special freebies. You can set the cart value or cart quantity condition for this type of gift campaign.


Auto add to cart

Automatically add the gift to customers' cart, or you can customize your own appealing gift pop up on the online store. All are set up within one app.


Buy X get Y

Clear out store inventory by running the Buy X get Y promotion. Discounted offers or giveaways are the quickest way to sell excess stock!

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What merchants say about us

This app is really useful and I can say this is the best free gift app in shopify. This app have helped us to grow from 4 figures sales to 6 Figure sales. Customer Support is very helpful and help us to solve several problems, enjoy using this app!


Easy to use. Kind support. Quick response. I had problem to set what I wanted, but could easily solve problem by customer support in a day.

Puremer Japan

Really great app that ultimately brings high value to any store with high converting functionalities. Special thanks to Mina who helped me setting-up offers!

flattersatz Medienverlag

I love this app. Working perfectly and so easy to set up and use. I really don't think you can get much better. It does exactly what is says it can do. Super.



Boosting your Average Order Value with a variety of gift offers to customers, such as Buy one get one (BOGO), free gift with purchase, and numerous features to make them fit seamlessly into your store.