Ultimate Guide to BOGOS App

An ultimate guide to BOGOS app

Is your Shopify store facing a familiar challenge: while you have fantastic products, the final push to get customers to click “buy” is lost?

BOGOS might be the missing piece in your Shopify success story. With BOGOS, we’re talking about strategic gifting – a chance to create excitement and boost sales.

Wonder how BOGOS makes this possible? This ultimate guide will explore how this app transforms your Shopify store into a customer magnet with powerful gift solutions.

Are you ready to earn your BOGOS Mastery Certificate? Let’s get started!

What is BOGOS?

BOGOS, a Built for Shopify app, has become the Top 1 Shopify app for gifting solutions on the platform, boasting an impressive 4.9 average rating from 1800+ reviews.

Trusted by over 40,000 Shopify merchants, BOGOS makes it easy to set up and manage multiple offers, fully customizable promotions, and seamless integration with Shopify and other page builders.

BOGOS offers from simple gift offers such as BOGO, Buy X Get Y to complex up-selling (Free Gift with Purchase, Spend More Get More, Gift with Quantity, and cross-selling (Product Bundles). 

Whether you’re looking to boost AOV or conversion rates, BOGOS is proud to be your capable assistant. With our expert customer support, you’ll enjoy a smooth experience every step of the way.

Key Features

Designed to enhance Shopify stores’ performance, BOGOS offers powerful features to create enticing gift offers and boost your Shopify store’s sales.

The reasons BOGOS is the go-to choice for 40,000+ Shopify merchants are listed below!

Create Offer

Our app is renowned for its ease of use, allowing you to set up even the most intricate gift offers tailored to your needs.

1. Main Condition 

Let’s start with 4 main conditions that BOGOS equips you to set up your promotions easily.

Cart value condition: 

This condition allows you to set up rewards for customer based on a certain amount of their spending. You can set the minimum and maximum cart values.

E.g: Spend $100 to get gifts.

        Spend $199-299 in the collection A to get gifts.

This condition can apply to:

  • Any products: Customers are eligible for gifts if they meet the minimum (and maximum) spend, regardless of what they add to their cart.
  • All except selected products: Most items qualify, but you can exclude specific products, such as high-cost or high-demand ones, from the promotion.
  • All except selected types/vendors/collections: Most products are included, except for those in specific categories.
  • Only selected products: Customers receive gifts only when purchasing from a special list of selected products, which is ideal for promoting slow-moving or new items.
  • In selected types/vendors/collections: This offer is exclusive to specific categories, allowing targeted sales promotions.
Set cart value requirements to trigger gift offers
Set cart value requirements to trigger gift offers
Cart quantity condition:

When you choose this option, customers can receive gifts based on the number of products they decide to purchase – a flexible way to reward them.

E.g: Buy 3 products to get gifts
Buy 1 to 5 products from vendor A to get gifts.

Offer gifts based on the number of products purchased
Offer gifts based on the number of products purchased

Expert tip: You can merge Cart value and Cart quantity conditions for a more tailored and impactful gift offer.

Specific product condition:

This condition is ideal if you’d like to offer a gift or discounted product to customers who purchase specific products or collections.

E.g: Buy product X to get gift Y.

You can also choose:

  • Multiply gifts with a number of products
    E.g: Buy product A to get gift B, buy 2A get 2B, buy 3A get 3B.
  • The gift can have the same variants (track by variant) or the same products (track by product) as the selected items. 
Offer gifts when purchasing specific products
Offer gifts when purchasing specific products
Cart value multiplier condition

The Cart value multiplier condition is your go-to solution for setting up a Spend More Get More offer.

E.g: Spend $100 get 1 gift, $200 get 2 gifts, $300 get 3 gifts, and so on.

Spend more get more gifts
Spend more get more gifts

2. Time Set Up

With BOGOS, you can easily schedule the start date and time (end time is optional) to plan your perfect gifting moment. Scheduling your offers in advance ensures you can launch your promotions smoothly and on time!

Set date and time to schedule gift offers
Set date and time to schedule gift offers

3. Gift Types

BOGOS offers two compelling types of gift options to fit your goals:

  • Free Gifts (100% Off): Surprise customers with a free item at checkout, adding extra value to their shopping experience. 
  • Discounted Gifts: Offer a reduced price for gift products with purchase. 

For example, you can offer the gift item at 20% off or $20 off to incentivize customers to buy more while still enjoying substantial savings. Customers get a steal, and you boost sales – a win-win! 

4. Using Offer Template

BOGOS understands that setting up multiple offers may be challenging for some merchants. That’s why we offer templates for quick and easy-to-set-up common gift offers; simply choose your products, set the conditions, and your offer will be ready to go.

BOGOS provides templates for easy setup of gift offers
BOGOS provides templates for easy setup of gift offers

5. Import/ Export Offer

This feature streamlines the offer setup process for Shopify merchants managing multiple stores. You can effortlessly transfer offer data between your stores, ensuring consistency and saving valuable time – no manual setup anymore!

Import Export feature to transfer data between stores
Import/Export feature to easily transfer data between stores

Create Bundle

We help many Shopify merchants bundle multiple products at a discounted price, increasing the perceived value of products and moving inventory faster.

Besides, BOGOS is ideal for those seeking a basic product bundling setup, incorporating gift offers to diversify their promotions, expand their reach, and meet various customer needs.

E.g: This is how a bundle displays on your Shopify product page.

How a BOGOS bundle display on Shopify product page
How a BOGOS bundle display on Shopify product page

Offer Promotion 

BOGOS understands Shopify merchants’ challenges, such as sales drops often occurring because customers are unaware of the enticing gift offers available. 

That’s why we equip you with 4 tools to ensure your customers get all the benefits and stay eager to grab your offers.

Additionally, Shopify merchants can tailor text and colors to match their brand identity and upload custom icons to personalize the experience further!

1. Cart message

BOGOS allows you to create unique messages for each offer by navigating to each one and editing the content.

The cart message will appear on the cart page to notify customers about the offer and encourage shoppers to buy more to meet the offer conditions. 

Notify customers about gift offers on their carts
Notify customers about gift offers on their carts

2. Gift slider

Once they’ve met the conditions of your offers, this slider will appear with an array of gifts waiting to be claimed. It’s the perfect way to add an extra layer of excitement to the shopping experience!

A gift slider pops up and shows gifts customers can grab
A gift slider pops up and shows the gifts customers can grab

3. Gift icon

Do your customers ever feel overwhelmed by your Shopify store’s huge number of products? Or perhaps they’re confused about which ones come with exciting gifts? That’s where our gift icon comes in to save the day.

Identify products with gifts in Shopify stores with icons
Products with gifts are highlighted in Shopify stores with icons

4. Today offer

Imagine having a salesperson tirelessly remind every visitor of your hottest offers, urging them to purchase immediately. That’s exactly what this Today Offer widget does for your Shopify store.

Today Offer widget shows ongoing promotions
Today Offer widget shows ongoing promotions

Offer Analysis

With BOGOS analysis, Shopify stores can unlock valuable insights. Whether assessing individual offers or overall performance, BOGOS provides the data you need to drive growth and make informed decisions.

Track performance with BOGOS analysis
Track performance with BOGOS analysis

Ways To Add Gifts

Once customers fulfill the conditions, there will be two methods for adding gifts to customers’ carts depending on each offer.

Auto add to cart

If you provide customers with a free gift (100% off), it is automatically added to their carts.

If customers are provided with a free gift (100% off), it is automatically added to their carts.

The gift slider pops up when customers need to choose their gifts or decide whether to accept discounted products. This empowers customers to make informed decisions about their purchases.

E.g: If you allow customers to select 2 out of 4 available gifts, they’ll see a prompt to choose their preferred items.

E.g: If the gift products are discounted, such as 20% off or $20 off, they will appear in a gift slider, allowing customers to decide whether to pay for them.

The gift slider pops up when customers need to choose their gifts or decide whether to accept discounted products.

Advanced Rules

BOGOS also offers advanced rules for more intricate gift setups, allowing Shopify merchants to tailor their promotions precisely and flexibly.

1. Specific URL

You can generate a unique URL for your gift offers to track and reward customers who access your store through specific channels.

E.g: You can assign unique URLs to your offers for different marketing channels, like email campaigns, social media posts, or affiliate links. This allows you to reward customers who discover you through those specific channels.

2. Location-based

Customers from selected countries receive gifts, while those from excluded countries do not see the offer, ensuring that promotions are relevant to the intended audience.

E.g: If you’re running a promotion targeting customers in the US, those accessing your store from the US will see the offer prominently displayed. 

3. Order History

Customers qualify for gifts based on their order history.

E.g: If you’ve set a threshold for total spend at $200, customers who have spent $200 or more will automatically receive the gift offer. 

4. Customer Tags

Customers with specific tags receive gifts upon login. You can exclude customers with certain tags from receiving the offer, ensuring that promotions target the right audience segments.

E.g: Tag customers who sign up with their emails to collect data or those who are part of a loyalty program to offer gifts.

Billing & Plans

BOGOS offers a free 7-day trial so you can experience all the app’s features before committing to a paid plan. The pricing tier you choose will depend on your Shopify plan.

After your free trial, your BOGOS journey will continue with USD billing every 30 days to ensure ongoing access to unique gift offers!

Shopify PlanMonthly priceYearly price (20% off)
Basic Shopify$29.99/month$287.99/year
Professional Shopify$49.99/month$479.99/year
Unlimited/ Advanced Shopify$69.99/month$671.99/year
Shopify Plus$99.99/month$959.99/year
Development store (for Expert or Agency)FreeFree

Support Channels: Chat, email, video calls

If you need more details, feel free to explore our extensive guides and tutorials in the BOGOS Guideline and YouTube series.

If you need direct assistance, BOGOS offers a dedicated technical support team available from 08:30 to 18:00, Monday through Friday (GMT+7). You can reach us by emailing [email protected] or sending a message via the Live Chat button at the bottom right of the BOGOS dashboard and BOGOS website.

Ready to see BOGOS in action? Schedule a FREE 30-minute demo call with our team to be guided step-by-step through the setup process and get all your questions answered!

Remember, our dedicated support team is always here to guide you.

Steps To Install & Setup The App

1. Install BOGOS

Go to the Shopify App Store and install BOGOS.

Install BOGOS on Shopify App Store
2. Accept charge

By clicking Start 7-day free trial > Approve (on the next page), you will agree to a subscription fee based on your Shopify plan after your trial. Enjoy 7 days of full access without immediate charges, giving you ample time to evaluate the app!

Start a free 7-day trial to expore BOGOS's features before any charges
3. Enable app embeds

Once installed, navigate to Themes > Customize > App embeds in your Shopify Admin and turn it on. Remember to click the Save button afterward. 

Enable app embeds within Shopify admin to activate BOGOS

Noted: Both buttons will turn grey when they are successful.

4. Create your first offer

Step 1: Create a new offer
From your Shopify admin, visit BOGOS.io: Free Gift & Buy X Get Y app, and click Create offer.

You can also choose a pre-made template perfect for a quick and easy setup!

Step 1 click to create a new BOGOS offer

Step 2: Fill in the Offer information
Fill in any information you need to set up your offer.

Step 2 fill in the Offer information

Step 3: Select offer main condition

Click Add main condition and select at least 1 of 4 types of conditions below:

Step 3 select offer main condition

Step 4: Select gifts

Click Select Gifts and choose the products you want to gift. You can search for products by their titles.

You can also choose whether your customers will automatically receive all the gifts or just a specific number by setting “Number of gifts customers will receive”.

step 4 select gifts for your BOGOS offers

Step 5: Save draft or Publish 

Now that you’ve set up the offer, you can:

  • Click Save draft to save. The offer’s status will remain off until you activate it.
  • Click Publish to publish the offer right away on your online store.
5. Customize your frontend (optional)

Once the offer is up, you can customize how it displays visually on your online store. Find these customization options on the Customization page.

Customize your frontend to match your brand
6. Check the offer in your Online Store

After you’ve got the offer ready, you can go to your Online Store and check how the offer works.

That’s it! You’re now ready for your BOGOS journey and creating your own Shopify gift offers to boost sales and customer engagement.


Congratulations! You’ve reached the summit of BOGOS mastery. 

With our comprehensive gift solutions, you can elevate your Shopify store’s promotional efforts with ease. Whether you’re offering BOGO deals, free gifts with purchases, or product bundles, BOGOS has you covered. 

We understand that every Shopify store is unique, so we offer various customization features to suit your specific needs. With BOGOS, you have full control to customize your display exactly how you want it, ensuring seamless integration with your brand and vision.

Don’t wait any longer! Head over to the Shopify App Store and install BOGOS today. Start your free 7-day trial and join a community of 4000+ Shopify merchants who’ve transformed their stores with BOGOS right now!

Finally, BOGOS wishes you a happy selling and happy BOGOSing!


Q1: Do I need any coding knowledge to use BOGOS?

A: Absolutely not! BOGOS is designed to be user-friendly, quickly set up even for complex offers, and doesn’t require coding knowledge.

Q2: I am new to gift offers and struggle understanding how to set them up. What should I do?

A: Don’t worry! BOGOS provides pre-made templates for common gift offers, making it easy to get started quickly with minimal effort. These templates are also easily customizable to fit your specific needs.

Q3: Can I set up a BOGO like customers get more gifts by purchasing more products?

A: Yes! You can easily trigger this condition by clicking “Multiply gifts with the number of products” within the offer setup.

Q4: Can I schedule gift offers for specific times or events?

A: Yes, you can! Setting dates and times allows you to plan, automate your promotions ahead of time, and coincide with your key occasions such as a holiday sale, launching a new product, or celebrating a milestone.

Q5: Can I create complex offers with multiple conditions?

A: Yes! BOGOS powerful rules engine goes beyond simple BOGOs. We offer many advanced rules and ensure a seamless shopping experience regardless running many offers at once.

Q6: What happens if the gift items are out of stock? Can BOGOS track the inventory?

A: All gift products won’t be tracked in inventory by default. Therefore, you should sync your gift products in “Gift inventory management” within the app and decide when the gift is out of stock, BOGOS will stop the offers or continue selling them.

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