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“Window shopper”! 

Customers visit your Shopify store and like your products but then… exit without a single purchase. They leave you wondering what could have been missed, much as you have offered many enticing deals.

Often, this is because these potential buyers are unaware of your ongoing promotions or just irritated by many automatic pop-up ads that do not incentivize them to click the “Add to cart” button.

As an app developer, BOGOS understands this very problem and has created the Today Offers widget to gently notify customers about your gift promotions created with the BOGOS free gift app.

1. What is Today Offers?

The Today Offers widget is a unique feature developed by the BOGOS app to notify customers of your latest gift offers subtly.

Unlike other pop-up ads that will automatically show up and might annoy customers (one of the top reasons why they exit immediately), this widget first appears as a small but attractive icon on your store, enticing customers to click on it.

By clicking the icon, they can proactively view the whole widget and discover your offers without feeling unpleasant. 

How the widget works on your Shopify store
How the widget works on your Shopify store

2. Key Features

This unique tool is packed with these key features designed to streamline your selling experience and turn browsers into buyers. Let’s explore what they are!

2.1 Every page display

The Today Offers icon appears on every page of your store, from the homepage to product and collection pages. This elegant approach ensures customers are always aware of your offers, effortlessly encouraging purchases. 

Because the full widget is displayed only when clicked, customers can recheck your gift promotions whenever they want without having to browse your homepage again. This keeps them informed without annoyance, promoting a seamless shopping experience.

2.2 Real-time updates

The widget automatically updates the latest gift offers, ensuring your store always displays the most current gift offers created by the BOGOS app. 

This means you don’t have to spend time manually setting up or updating the offers in the widget, as it takes care of everything for you.

2.3 Integration with your theme

The Today Offers widget integrates smoothly with your existing Shopify theme, effortlessly blending into your design without requiring font adjustments.

2.4 Customizable design

Make the widget truly yours! Choose elements like colors, icons, and information that seamlessly complement your store’s overall style.

Widget icon: select a unique icon (default or upload your own icon). Let’s take a glance at IN BLOOM’s store with their own icon Today Offers and see how matching it looks!

IN BLOOM store customizes their own Today Offer icon
IN BLOOM store customizes their own Today Offer icon

BOGOS also lets you strategically position the widget icon at the bottom at the left or right for optimal impact.

KOBELLI positions the widget on their store strategically
KOBELLI positions the widget on their store strategically

Widget info: customize the widget’s title, header, and description text to captivate your customers. 

Take Floroma as an example! Their Today Offers captivate customers with clear details, easy language, and enticing gifts, making their perfume deals so irresistible!  

An example of clear offer details by FLOROMA
An example of clear offer details by FLOROMA

Offer color: customize the background, title, and offer color to reflect your brand identity. 

For example, Kiddovia’s Today Offers widget makes the store stand out with eye-catching colors that align with its brand.

KIDDOVIA's widget perfectly matches their brand identity
KIDDOVIA’s widget perfectly matches their brand identity

3. Benefits of Today Offers

Besides wanting to help you subtly promote your gift offers created by BOGOS without annoying customers, we have developed this widget to bring you more benefits.

3.1 Drive immediate action

When previously interested in a particular product, customers often look for incentives to BUY NOW rather than later. Seeing a Today Offers widget gives them reasons to make an immediate purchase, reducing hesitation.

Furthermore, by presenting an attractive, limited-time offer when the customer is considering a purchase, the Today Offers Widget leverages the fear of missing out (FOMO) – a powerful motivator for quick action. 

3.2 Encourage additional purchases

The widget can show them other gift promotions as customers browse for products they are interested in. Seeing these extra deals can prompt customers to add more items to their cart, driven by the desire to grab great deals while they last (FOMO is triggered).

This not only gives customers more reasons to buy additional items but also increases the average order value (AOV).

3.3 Simplify customer experience

Today Offers greatly simplifies the discovery of your offers. Instead of manually searching for deals by browsing each product page, customers see them instantly on every page.

By providing a seamless and informative shopping experience like that, you keep customers engaged and informed and encourage repeat visits to check for today’s deals.

4. How to Set Up Today Offers

Setting up a Today Offers widget is straightforward within the BOGOS dashboard with only some clicks. Here’s a step-by-step guide for launching the Today Offers by the BOGOS app:

Step 1: Install BOGOS

When installing BOGOS on the Shopify App Store, you will have 7 days to evaluate the app without any immediate charge.

Click on the image to grab your free trial right now!

Install the BOGOS app to grab 7-day free trial

Read our BOGOS guide to learn more about setting up a basic offer!

Step 2: Enable the widget

Navigate to Customize > Today Offers > Activate widget. After that, a default widget will be set up in your Shopify store.

Enable the widget within the BOGOS dashboard

Step 3: Customize your widget (optional)

If you want a more personalized widget, explore the customization options. 

Besides, a widget preview on the right-hand side lets you see how these changes will look in real time, ensuring your widget aligns perfectly with your store’s branding.

Customize your Today Offers widget within the BOGOS dashboard

Step 4: Click the button “Save”

Click the button Save to save the Today Offers widget

Step 5: Re-check on your store

After you’ve prepared the widget, take a moment to review how Today Offers appears to your customers.

recheck the widget on your Shopify store after creating

5. Tips for a Winning Today Offers Widget

Now, let’s explore some tips that BOGOS highly recommends to transform your Today Offers widget into a powerful sales driver!

Strategic offer position: You can easily arrange offers on the widget by their start dates to prioritize targeted promotions effectively. This also allows offers to appear in your desired order. Take the Amuzzi store as a prime example of their Shopify tiered pricing discount.

Amuzzi utilizes Today Offers to arrange offers strategically
Amuzzi utilizes Today Offers to arrange offers strategically

Offer count: Show 4-6 offers at a time to give customers a good selection without overwhelming them. This way, they’re more likely to see all the deals, not miss anything, and find something they love.

Limited-time offers: Tailoring the widget info, such as title and text, to create limited-time offers is also a great idea. This creates a sense of urgency, encouraging customers to buy before they miss out.

LONELINE uses the widget to promote limited-time gift offers
LONELINE uses the widget to promote limited-time gift offers

Updated widget: Regular updates keep the widget fresh and ensure customers know these deals are genuine limited-time opportunities. It’s not just a trick to get them to buy!

Navigation to the product page: If you want customers to be navigated to the specific sale product page when they click on an offer in the widget, BOGOS can help. Connect with our support team so we can set it up for you!

Support Channels: Chat and video calls

If you need more details about the Today Offers widget, feel free to connect with our Support team via the Live Chat button at the bottom right of the BOGOS dashboard and website. We are available from 08:30 to 18:00, Monday through Friday (GMT+7). 

Want to see this widget in action? Schedule a FREE 30-minute demo call with our team to be guided step-by-step through the setup process and get all your questions answered!

Remember, our dedicated support team is always here to guide you!


By integrating the Today Offers Widget, you will truly have a capable assistant in your Shopify store!

BOGOS designed this unique widget to revolutionize how you promote your products. It ensures your customers are always informed about the latest BOGOS gift offers but do not get annoyed. 

Therefore, this powerful tool not only enhances customer experience with effortless offer discovery but also drives immediate action through real-time notifications and targeted offers.

Don’t wait – empower your Shopify store with the Today Offers widget today! 

Instal BOGOS to grab your 7-day free trial now!
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