3 Gift Offers that Boosted Tupperware Japan during Tough Economic Times

Tupperware Japan Background: Innovation in Every Kitchen

Tupperware Japan, a subsidiary of the global leader Tupperware Brands, brings premium home and kitchen products to Japanese consumers. Their product range includes everything from basic food containers to advanced kitchen appliances, all designed with a focus on quality, practicality, and environmental responsibility. Let’s explore how they’ve implemented BOGOS offers to stay competitive during the current economic recession.

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1. The Challenge

The changing market and the more cautious spending habits of Japanese customers demanded Tupperware Japan a strategic response. Clearing surplus inventory while maintaining conversions became the brand’s top priority. Simply reducing prices wasn’t the answer – they needed an approach that retained brand value and while still delivering value to their audiences.

Recognizing the universal appeal of a well-timed free gift, Tupperware Japan turned to BOGOS to craft its engaging promotional campaigns. With its flexible functionality, BOGOS empowered them to design strategic gifting strategies that revitalized their sales.

2. How Tupperware Japan set up their offers

Tupperware Japan’s recipe for success included:

Buy one, Get one: Doubling the value proposition, they paired complementary items – offering a 6.75L container free with the purchase of a 9.4L container. This clever tactic presented customers with an irresistible deal, enticing them to purchase larger bundles.

Tupperware Brands Japan banner notifying about their BOGO offer

Rewarding for Higher Spending: Understanding the psychology of gift-giving, they implemented tiered rewards.

  • Orders exceeding ¥5,000 received a free container.
  • Orders above ¥15,000 were rewarded with a complimentary fruit container.

The offered gifts were carefully selected to be practical and appealing to customers’ household needs.

Flash Sales for Excitement: To clear old stock and generate excitement, Tupperware Japan strategically employed limited-time flash sales. These deals allowing them to clear stock while providing customers with a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

Tupperware banner notifying about their flash sale

3. The Results

The impact was undeniable. Conversion rates climbed steadily, fueled by customers delighted with the surprise of a freebie. BOGOS’s intuitive interface and diverse functionalities enabled the brand to tailor promotions precisely to their Japanese customers. They proved that sometimes, the best way to navigate challenging times is by offering a little extra happiness – and a dash of clever marketing magic.

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