4 Non-discount Father’s Day Promotions To Be Unique On Shopify

Father's Day Promotions on Shopify

Shopify merchants usually launch many different Father’s Day promotions. One of the most typical ones is using discounts, like “10% off this Father’s Day, buy now!”

However, if you have already used discounts, have you ever thought they have been overused, making it hard for you to stand out from the crowd?

If you are tired of that 10% discount and looking for more unique promotions this Father’s Day, we’ve got you covered! This blog will help you discover the 3 best non-discount Shopify promotions – gift offers – to boost sales and stand out this Father’s Day.

The importance of unique Father’s Day Promotions

According to the National Retail Federation, most shoppers bought gifts for their dads through online stores in 2023, and this trend is predicted to continue growing in 2024.

Online shopping for Father's Day is on trend
Online shopping for Father’s Day is on trend

Therefore, many Shopify merchants are likely running many sales and promotions to capitalize on the increased sales potential.

This raises a question: “What can I do to stand out amongst other stores?”

The answer lies in non-discount Father’s day promotions – unique gift offers on Shopify. By crafting creative and personalized promotions, you can capture customer attention and encourage them to choose your store for their Father’s Day shopping.

Why Gift Offers but not Discounts?

While discounts are tempting by lowering the price, customers might question the original price, wondering if it was inflated just to offer a discount later. This also shifts focus from quality to only price. As a result, customers usually wait for sales before buying, hurting your profits and eroding the perceived value of your products.

Gift offers, on the other hand, make shoppers feel they are getting more value for their money. This non-discount promotion can lead to higher purchase rates and potentially fewer returns (since the perceived loss of giving back a “free” item is greater).

According to the study “Comparative analysis of the effectiveness of online discounts and gifts,” shoppers from online stores were more influenced by online sales promotions. Furthermore, they all reported they “changed their attitude toward the brand” upon seeing an online gift offered in the campaign. 

Best non-discount Shopify Father’s Day promotions

Shopify offers a variety of non-discount promotions that boost sales without cutting profit margins. Let’s look deeper into the 3 most impactful gift offer promotions and discover how they can stand your store out!

  1. BOGO – Buy 1 Get 1

BOGO taps into the psychology of getting something extra. Customers feel like they’re getting a bargain, which drives them to complete the purchase. This makes your store a budget-friendly destination for Father’s Day gifts. As a result, you sell them 2 items at one purchase, perfect for releasing your stock.

While saving money, traditional discounts don’t offer the same excitement or perceived gain.

Besides, BOGO has many variations. The rule can be 3,4,5, and get 1 free, or buy 1 and get 1 at 50% off, so you can tailor this promotion to maximize your profits and create themed gift sets relevant to dads. 

EarnShaw’s BOGO deals allow customers to surprise Dad with a pair of watches, perfect for different styles or occasions. This BOGO approach creates a strong incentive to buy two watches instead of one to gift Dad.

Earnshaw's BOGO for Father's Day promotions
Earnshaw’s BOGO for Father’s Day promotion
  1. Buy X Get Y

Giving away the same product for free might not fit some Shopify stores’ budgets. Instead, merchants can consider giving away something of a lower value and marketing it as an additional gift for Dad or his family. 

The key is to make the additional gift you offer related to the main product by highlighting how they can enhance dads’ lives or double their joy when bought together.

Think of dad-and-child apparel (matching shirts) like UNTUCKit did. Their unique Father’s Day promotion isn’t just about savings; it’s about creating matching memories and celebrating the special connection of fatherhood for Father’s Day. 

UNTUCKIT's Buy X Get Y gift promotions for Father's Day
UNTUCKIT’s Buy X Get Y gift promotions for Father’s Day
  1. Free Gift With Purchase

This non-discount Father’s Day promotion is perfect if you want to sell more of the main item at the expense of the gifted one. This incentivizes customers to buy more than they intend by setting cart value conditions, such as spending over $100 to get the gift.

Typically, merchants utilize FGW in 2 ways:

The 1st strategy is to offer a much less valuable gift with a main item. 

For instance, Ryder Cup Shop offers a “bonus” – a gift card – to incentivize purchases without detracting from the value of their shirt (the focal item). After experiencing the shirt, customers are more likely to rebuy it.

Free card for dad with purchase of Ryder Cup Merch
Free card for dad with purchase of Ryder Cup Merch

The 2nd strategy is to encourage much higher spending by offering premium gifts.

By offering high-quality but limited gifts only for Dads like Wuben, a BOGOS customer, the gift becomes a desirable reward, driving up the purchase value.

Wuben offers premium gift offers for Father's Day
Wuben offers premium gift offers for Father’s Day

4. Spend More Get More

As spending levels increase, customers are rewarded with progressively more valuable gifts. This incentivizes them to climb the spending ladder, potentially exceeding their initial purchase intent.

Take Floral Street as a prime example of using BOGOS features to motivate customers to upgrade their purchase:

Floral Street's spend more get more promotion on Father's Day
Floral Street’s spend more get more promotion on Father’s Day

How to make gift offers more appealing

  1. “Dad Types”  target

By tailoring your items to different dad’s hobbies or professions, you can still make them more relevant and boost sales.

For instance, you sells a Luxury Spa BOGO, traditionally not seen as a Father’s Day gift. If you attach it to “Stressed Dad” and offer it a relaxing escape with images showing his face after a soothing bath, your customers have a reason to buy your product!

Pro tip: Learn more about this unique gift promotion for Father’s Day here.

  1. “Within reach” products

Set enticing gift thresholds just a short step away from customers’ purchase amounts. This creates a sense of attainability and encourages them to add more to their cart to qualify for the gift offer.

  1. High-quality gifts

Carefully curate gifts that align with your target audience’s interests and preferences. Choose items that are not only practical but also reflect a sense of quality and value.

If possible, offer your exclusive gifts or partner with trusted brands. This will add credibility and uniqueness to your offers.

Elevate the gift-giving experience by providing premium packaging, personalized touches, or even gift-wrapping services. This demonstrates attention to detail and adds a touch of luxury.

Top Shopify apps to create gift offers for Father’s Day

  1. BOGOS 

Proud to be the Top 1 Shopify Gift App with a 4.9 average rating (1.800+ reviews), BOGOS offers from simple gift offers such as BOGO, Buy X Get Y to complex up-selling (Free Gift with Purchase, Spend More Get More, Gift with Quantity, and cross-selling (Product Bundles – Gift Set for Dad). 

Our various gift offers are to help merchants expand their reach, meet multiple customers’ needs, and tailor offers to maximize profits this Father’s Day.

Instal BOGOS to grab your 7-day free trial now!
  1. Shopify native discounts

Shopify allows merchants to create simple gift offers directly within the admin, making it ideal for those who just want a basic setup for Father’s Day sales.

Shopify native discount for promotions on Father's Day
Shopify native discount for promotions on Father’s Day

Additionally, customers must manually add both products and gifts to their cart to receive the gifts for free. Therefore, merchants should use pop-up apps or other promotional tools to notify customers about the gifts.

How other Shopify merchants utilize BOGOS for Father’s Day promotions

  1. Promote gift offers

Many experience a drop in Father’s Day sales because customers are unaware of the enticing gift offers available. That’s why they utilize BOGOS’s 4 tools below to keep their customers informed.

Bonus: They also tailor text and colors to match their brand identity and theme with Father’s Day sales and upload custom icons to personalize the experience further!

Today Offers: Le Slip Francais is using this widget, like having a salesperson tirelessly remind every visitor of their special offer only for Father’s Day, urging them to purchase immediately.

Le Slip uses Today Offers by BOGOS to promote unique gifts
Le Slip uses Today Offers by BOGOS to promote unique gifts

Gift Icon: With an outstanding red gift icon, Just Bjorn’s customers may never feel overwhelmed by their store’s huge number of products or confused about which ones come with exciting gifts. 

Just Bjorn with BOGOS's gift icon to stand the Father's Day promotions out
Just Bjorn with BOGOS’s gift icon to stand the Father’s Day promotions out

Cart message: ROMFRE wants to remind customers about their free wallet with purchase. The message will appear on the cart page to notify shoppers that a free wallet is waiting for them and also encourage purchases of over $200 to grab this wallet.

BOGOS cart messages helps ROMFRE notify Shopify shoppers about their Father's Day promotions
BOGOS cart messages help ROMFRE notify shoppers about their Father’s Day promotions

Gift Slider: When ROMFRE’s customers spend more than $200, this slider will appear with an array of wallet gifts waiting to be claimed. It’s the perfect way to add an extra layer of excitement to the shopping experience!

ROMFRE and BOGOS's gift slider to delight customers on Father's Day
ROMFRE and BOGOS’s gift slider to delight customers on Father’s Day
  1. Creating unique gift promotions

Beyond traditional BOGO, BUY X GET Y, and GWP, Shopify merchants can leverage BOGOS’s advanced rules to create unique promotions. For example:

  • Implement tiered discounts where spending more or special Father’s Day gifts get higher discounts.
  • Offer a free gift card for Dad when customers sign up for your email list, using “Customer tags” to track new subscribers.
  • Provide exclusive Father’s Day offers to reward loyal customers with huge total spend using “Order history.” 

Pro tip: To fully understand the power of the BOGOS app, read our Ultimate Guide here.


Implementing these non-discount promotions can highlight the value of your products and create a sense of urgency within your Shopify platform. 

Remember, Father’s Day is about celebrating dads. By choosing the right promotions as well as thought-full gift offers, undoubtedly you would have a winning Father’s Day sales season.

Head over to the Shopify app store today to explore the various unique gift offers and features that BOGOS offers, establishing your brand as the go-to destination for memorable Father’s Day gifts!

Instal BOGOS to grab your 7-day free trial now!


Q1: What are the main issues with discounts like 10% off?

Discounts like 10% off can decrease profit margins and devalue your products or services. They may attract price-sensitive customers who are less likely to become repeat customers and may erode your brand value.

Q2: How can I create a Shopify promotion that stands out for Father’s Day?

A2: To stand out, focus on the unique and thoughtful gift offers you provide. Choose the products that only your store sells or collab with other brands to enhance credibility

Q3: Can BOGOS handle multiple promotions simultaneously, even during big sales like Father’s Day?

A3: Yes, BOGOS absolutely can. You can set up different offers targeting various customer segments or product categories, all running concurrently to maximize your promotional impact for Father’s Day. We also offer a premium support team to help whenever you need it.

Q4: How does the BOGOS app help reduce the chances of product returns?

A4: The BOGOS app can reduce returns by adding perceived value to purchases. Customers who receive a free or discounted gift with their purchase are less likely to return the main item due to the added benefit and value they received.

Q5: How can I measure the success of my Father’s Day gift promotions?

A5: The BOGOS app provides analytics and reporting features that allow you to track the performance of your promotions. You can monitor metrics such as the number of promotions redeemed, increase in AOV, and overall sales growth during Father’s Day.

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