BOGOS June Update 2024

BOGOS june update 2024

At BOGOS free gift app, we never stop listening to our Shopify merchants’ needs, which drives our constant app refinement.

That’s why BOGOS is excited to announce the June update, bringing even more power and flexibility to your Shopify promotion strategy! 

Building on the success of the BOGOS May Update about fraud protection and “Pack of Products” features, June focuses on diversifying your promotions and simplifying your experience with BOGOS.

1. New Onboarding

Getting started with a new app can be challenging, especially when understanding how it works clearly. Understanding this, we’ve entirely revamped the new BOGOS onboarding. 

Our streamlined onboarding will guide you through steps to activate the app, provide an overview of basic-to-advanced promotions, and quickly set up the initial offer.

This way, new-to-the-app merchants can explore BOGOS’s full potential by themselves in just two minutes! 

The new onboarding within the BOGOS dashboard
The new onboarding within the BOGOS dashboard

To experience the all-new BOGOS onboarding without immediate charge within 7 days, click on this image:

Install the BOGOS app to grab 7-day free trial

2. Quantity Break

Previously, the BOGOS app equipped you with one “Classic Bundle” feature, a one-size-fits-all bundle. 

Now, with Quantity Break added, you can unlock a whole new level of sales possibilities, reaching new customers and catering to specific needs.

2.1 What Is It?

While Basic Bundle, or normally Shopify product bundle, focuses on grouping products for a single discount, Quantity Break is a potent pricing strategy that rewards customers for buying more of the same item.

You can create multi-tiered discounts—a “discount ladder”—that incentivize larger purchases for the same products. 

For example, offer a 10% discount on 2-3 coffee packs and 20% off when customers buy 4 or more! Customers who add more items to their cart unlock deeper savings, leading to increased order sizes and, ultimately, higher sales for you.

2.2 Why Should I Use It?

Motivate bulk purchases, drive product trials, and optimize inventory – all with one powerful feature: Quantity Break! 

This can be especially attractive if customers are already fans of the product and want to stock up or if the discount entices them to try something new they might have been hesitant about before. 

Therefore, no matter how, you can still incentivize customers to extend their cart size, increasing your average order value (AOV). 

Offering steeper discounts for larger purchases also helps clear out excess stock, making space for new arrivals and improving inventory flow.

2.3 Where Can I Find It?

Implementing Quantity Break for your Shopify store is easier than ever within the BOGOS dashboard. 

You can start exploring this all-new feature. Simply navigate to the BOGOS dashboard and click All bundles > Create bundles > Quantity break.

BOGOS new bundle type Quantity Break
BOGOS’s new bundle type: Quantity Break

2.4 How Does It Work?

Here’s how you can make the most out of this new type of bundle:

Set multi-discount tiers for more significant purchases to encourage higher order volumes.

Create separate content for each tier to highlight why customers should buy it, such as the most popular and most valuable. 

2 discount options, which are setting a percentage discount or a fixed dollar amount for each tier to suit your pricing strategy.

Customize the colors and content of your Quantity Break to match your brand’s aesthetic and messaging.

Combine with other gift offers to diversify your promotions and provide additional value to your customers.

Note: You can also combine these offers with shipping and order discounts to further incentivize larger purchases!

Click to learn more about creating Quantity Price Breaks on Shopify to boost AOV!

3. Integration with Ecomposer

As of June 2024, the BOGOS app has been integrated with EComposer Page Builder on Shopify! 

EComposer helps merchants create any page type or section quickly and easily using a live drag-and-drop editor. 

With this integration, merchants can now drag and drop these elements below to change their positions as needed, offering enhanced flexibility in designing their storefronts (previously, they had fixed positions). 

This means you can create unique and engaging layouts that perfectly match your brand and messages.

3.1 Gift slider

Once customers have met the conditions of your offers, this slider will appear with an array of gifts waiting to be claimed.

BOGOS's gift slider to incentivize customers
Position gift slider anywhere you want with Ecomposer

Now, it can be displayed in various positions across the homepage, product page, collection page, cart page, and more.

This flexibility allows you to strategically place the gift slider to maximize visibility and engagement, enhancing your customers’ overall shopping experience.

3.2 Gift icon and Gift thumbnail

Gift icons and thumbnails serve as visual indicators on product pages, showing which products come with gifts.

Ecomposer helps with placing gift icon and thumbnail for a maximum impact
Ecomposer helps with placing gift icon and thumbnail for a maximum impact

With Ecomposer, you can place these elements wherever they best fit within your page design, providing a more cohesive and attractive shopping experience.

3.3 Cart message

Normally, the cart message will appear on the cart page or cart drawer by default to notify customers about the offer and encourage shoppers to buy more to meet the offer conditions. 

Customize cart message’s display position after integrating with Ecomposer

Ecomposer is integrated to help display it on all pages of your Shopify store to maximize it’s visuality, keeping customers informed and engaged to claim your offers.

Learn to set up the integration here.

4. BOGOS Plan This July

BOGOS just got a whole lot mightier! 

Mark your calendars for July as we unveil some powerful upgrades that will transform your promotional strategy. Get ready for:

4.1 New demo store

BOGOS has been busy developing many all-new updates over the past few months to meet our customers’ needs. And we found it’s high time to make some changes to our demo store’s interface. 

The new one will become a one-stop shop for you to self-experience all BOGOS features, see how they work in action, and really understand how powerful the BOGOS app can be.

4.2 Bundle analysis

Regarding bundles, BOGOS understands the necessity of tracking their performance. 

Therefore, we are planning to publish our new bundle analysis. This will allow you to track how well your product bundles perform, gain insights, and optimize your bundles for better results!

4.3 Translation 

Break down language barriers! We are on our way to leverage translation for all your promotions. 

This means your enticing gift offers and product bundles will automatically translate into your customers’ preferred languages, ensuring everyone can understand and enjoy your offers.

4.4 Integration with Tapcart Mobile App

Hundreds of merchants informed BOGOS that more customers tend to shop on their mobile devices. That’s why we are in the process of integrating with Tapcart Mobile App, a mobile app builder for Shopify stores! 

This integration promises to offer a seamless and engaging mobile shopping experience. With Tapcart’s intuitive drag-and-drop builder, real-time sync, and push notification capabilities, you can enhance BOGOS features and reach, driving higher customer engagement and sales.

BOGOS has many big plans coming up next month! Please stay tuned for more exciting updates and enhancements that will take your Shopify journey to the next level! 

Support Channels: Chat and video calls

Looking for help with BOGOS? We’ve got you covered!

Check out our comprehensive guides in the BOGOS Guideline for in-depth information and YouTube series for a step-by-step visual walkthrough.

If you prefer personalized assistance, our Support team is always willing to help and available from 08:30 to 18:00, Monday through Friday (GMT+7). You can reach us via the Live Chat button at the bottom right of the BOGOS dashboard and website.

Want to see BOGOS in action? Schedule a FREE 30-minute demo call with our team to be guided step-by-step through the setup process and get all your questions answered!

Remember, our dedicated support team is always here to guide you!


With the introduction of Quantity Break, a new onboarding process within the BOGOS dashboard, the integration with EComposer, and many more big plans next month, we are fulfilling our promise to enhance the functionality and ease of use for Shopify merchants. 

All this is to help you maximize your promotional efforts!

In the meantime, don’t miss out! Sign up for your free 7-day trial today and experience the power of BOGOS for yourself here:

Instal BOGOS to grab your 7-day free trial now!

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