An Unique Father’s Day Gift Promotion On Shopify

A Shopify unique gift promotion for your Shopify store this Father's Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner! 

While you and many Shopify merchants may see it as a golden opportunity, with endless gift options out there, have you ever wondered how to stand out? 

You may unsure which products to push, or believe your products don’t fit this sale season. Have you ever wondered how to change the situation?

In this blog, we’ll be your guide, providing insights, inspiration, and effective strategies for crafting compelling gift offers that will solve your headache.

So, if you’re ready to make this Father’s Day a resounding success for your Shopify store, let’s get started!

Why is Father’s Day important for Shopify stores?

2023 Father's Day spending has hit a history record
2023 Father’s Day spending has hit a history record

According to the National Retail Federation, Father’s Day spending per person has hit $196.23 in 2023 and even broke all history records in America. 

With over 55% of consumers planning to shop online for Father’s Day gifts, Shopify stores are perfectly positioned to meet this demand. 

By marketing products that resonate with this sentiment, Shopify stores can connect with customers on an emotional level. This emotional connection can lead to more meaningful purchases and a stronger brand association.

According to a Father’s Day Buyers Survey of the University of Pretoria, statistics show a clear split in Father’s Day shopping preferences:

  • Practical purchasers (64.14%): These shoppers favor gifts with a functional purpose, providing utility, convenience in everyday life, and the ability to improve daily activities or hobbies.
  • Emotive enthusiasts (35.86%): This group leans towards feelings and memories, enhancing emotional connections and shared experiences. 

Knowing this breakdown, the first step is to identify your product niche:

  • If your Shopify store offers durable tools, electronics, or outdoor gear, you’re well-positioned for the “practical dad”. Highlight the functionality and problem-solving aspects of your products.
  • Does your Shopify store specialize in personalized gifts, sentimental experiences? You’re catering to the “emotive gifts”. Focus on the emotional connection and create a Father’s Day bond between families.

By understanding these trends and aligning your product offerings accordingly, you can craft targeted Father’s Day gift selections that boost your sales.

The key strategy

Customers always ask “Is my dad gonna love it?” and want to find gifts that speak to their dads’ unique interests.

The key here is understanding “Dad Types.” By tailoring your Shopify items to different dad’s hobbies or professions, you can make them more relevant and boost sales even if your products don’t fall into the traditional Father’s Day category.

For instance, your Shopify store sells a Luxury Spa Kit, traditionally not seen as a Father’s Day gift. Just “10% off this Father’s Day” mightn’t create an “Aha!” moment.

However, if you attach your spa kit to “Stressed Dad” and offer it as a relaxing escape with images showing his face after a soothing bath, your customers have a reason to buy your kit.

Practical gifts

Here are more Shopify examples about how other Shopify stores align their practical items with specific Dad Types:

For a modern dad, he appreciates a minimalist aesthetic and values practicality and quality. If aligning with those characteristics, your Shopify store can target this type of dad.

Ekster wallets are a great example. Their minimalist design, innovative card-sliding mechanism, and use of premium materials perfectly cater to the modern dad.

Ekster wallet for modern dads
Ekster wallet for modern dads

For a cooking dad, he thrives in the kitchen; practicality and quality reign supreme. 

Walmart offers a set celebrating Dad’s amazing cooking. This isn’t just about giving a gift—it’s about guiding your customers to select the perfect token of appreciation for dads who rule the kitchen.

Walmart grilling set for cooking dads
Walmart grilling set for cooking dads

For a bearded dad who takes pride in his well-groomed facial hair, consider offering irresistible deals on beard care products to make this Father’s Day extra special. 

STLR store has done it so well because it offers each bottle of beard oil with the finest ingredients, tailored to each dad’s unique scent preferences.

STRL BOGO deals for bearded dads
STRL BOGO deals for bearded dads

Matching sets for dad

If your Shopify store specializes in clothing, offering matching sets for each dad style is a surefire way to capture the attention of customers looking for thoughtful and stylish gifts. 

Van Heusen’s Father’s Day Gift Guide offers a clothing solution for every dad. This guide categorizes styles based on dad personalities, making it easier for shoppers to find the perfect match.

Van Heusen's gift guide tailored to each dad's style
Van Heusen’s gift guide tailored to each dad’s style

Emotive gifts

Regarding emotive gifts for Father’s Day, the key is to evoke deep emotions and trigger cherished memories. 

This tactic is usually suitable for the sentimental and nostalgic dad or the busy one who doesn’t have enough quality time with his family.

Offering personalized gifts that celebrate special moments shared between a father and his children or the whole family is a great way to create a personal touch with your customers.

1. Memory Gifts

Memory gifts tap into emotions by going beyond the physical object. They tell a story, celebrate a special moment or memories, and build a stronger brand image.

Create Gift Love personalizes everyday normal items (keychains, photo blocks) with father-child memories. Customers are naturally drawn to these unique gifts, making them more likely to spend Father’s Day in a truly meaningful way. 

Create Gift Love's gifts emphasized on father-child memories
Create Gift Love’s gifts emphasized on father-child memories

2. Matching apparel

This is a hit with customers for Father’s Day because matching outfits become a fun, photo-worthy reminder of special occasions spent together. 

Dads can proudly showcase their “Dad” status, while families express unity and togetherness.

Printify empowers customers to personalize matching family shirts truly! This lets families create one-of-a-kind outfits with special messages, names, or even inside jokes. 

Printify with matching family shirts
Printify with matching family shirts

3. Shared activities and experiences

Emotive gifts centered around shared activities and experiences are perfect for Shopify stores offering services.

Like Fun Spot America, they offered a special deal where dads get free entrance with their kids.

Father's Day BOGO ticket to boost family shared experiences by Fun Spot America
Father’s Day BOGO ticket to boost family shared experiences by Fun Spot America

Mostly used Father’s Day promotions

To help you celebrate Father’s Day successfully, we’ll explore the three most popular promotions on Shopify that can turn browsers into buyers.

Percentage or Dollar-Value Discounts

Discounts communicate a clear value proposition: Dad gets a great gift, and the customer saves money.

Since many shoppers are budget-conscious, lowering the price barrier offers an immediate incentive to purchase, making Dad’s gift feel more affordable, ultimately boosting your sales and customer satisfaction.

BOGO/ Buy X Get Y/Free Gift With Purchase

However, you may find a 10% off shirt cool but not exactly “OMG-gotta-grab-it-now” exciting, but “Upgrade Dad’s Wardrobe: Buy a Shirt, Get the same or a Tie FREE!” That’s a whole different story!

With those promotions, customers can get two gifts for their dads for the price of one. This translates to increased product value, happy customers, and a booming bottom line.

Bundle sets

Dads come in all styles, and Shopify bundles can be customized to match! By offering well-thought-out bundles, Shopify merchants can cater to various types of dads and create a one-stop-shop experience. 

Beyond the standard product bundles, Shopify offers some creative options to set your store apart.

PokePetShop is a prime example of offering mix-and-match bundles. It allows kids to build their own card bundles based on their dads’ appearance, providing a fun and personalized way to align their products with Father’s Day.

Want to know more about Shopify product bundles? Click here for an ultimate guide from understanding bundles to sale success.

Top Shopify Apps for Father’s Day sales

Creating gifts and deals for Father’s Day on Shopify is straightforward with the right tools. Here are some of the best apps to consider for crafting enticing offers and driving sales:

  • BOGOS: BOGOS is proud to be Top 1 Shopify Gift App with 4.9 average rating (1.800+ reviews), which is ideal for those seeking various gift offers but still wanting a basic Shopify product bundling. BOGOS helps diversify your offers with promotions like “Buy a Shirt, Get a Tie Free!” or “Buy More, Get More Gifts for Dad,” expanding your reach and meeting various customer needs this Father’s Day.
  • Bundler: This popular app offers advanced bundle creation, perfect for merchants who want to go beyond the basics and create unique Father’s Day gift sets.
  • Bold Discounts: Excellent for running flash sales and limited-time promotions. You can easily create and schedule discounts and create urgency for Father’s Day sales.
  • Frequently Bought Together: This app can suggest complementary items alongside related ones to make a Father’s Day gift package, encouraging customers to add more to their cart.

How to promote your Shopify Father’s Day gifts

Start early

According to Google Trends, the search for “Father’s Day gifts” increased significantly in late May and peaked between the 11th and 18th of the month when the holiday fell on June 18, 2023.

The search for Father’s Day gifts on Google Trends
The search for Father’s Day gifts on Google Trends

Although many shoppers wait until the week before Father’s Day to buy gifts, you should begin your promotions at least two weeks before the holiday to capture customers’ attention before competitors. 

“Father’s Day Early Access,” like Spinnaker, is a great campaign to start your promotions early! 

Father’s Day early access page by Spinnaker
Father’s Day early access page by Spinnaker

Emotional connection

How you sell your products is very important. Don’t just display them with discounts. Showcase it in action with images, text, or any marketing materials to paint a heartwarming picture with dads.

Like how Cubs & Co. showcases photos of dads and their children wearing the same hats. By seeing these visuals, customers can easily imagine how their hats, not Father’s Day-themed ones, can connect their bond with Dad.

Cubs & Co. showcases how their hats are suitable for Father's Day
Cubs & Co. showcases how their hats are suitable for Father’s Day

Follow customer journey

Consider setting up everything following the customer journey, from website visitors to your buyers!

1. Hero banner

This is where customers have their first impression when browsing your Shopify store. 

Use a captivating hero banner that speaks directly to the Dad Types you target. This makes it appealing for shoppers to click “Shop Father’s Day.” 

Understanding “The first impression is the last impression!”, Fossil’s hero banner uses high-quality visuals, not speaking directly but still showcasing they target the Gentle Dad.

An impressive hero banner of Fossil
An impressive hero banner of Fossil

2. A Father’s Day page

Organize products into relevant categories such as price, interest, and dad types to make shopping easier for your customers.

Check out how Prezzybox does it:

A Father's Day page of  Prezzybox that tailors to each customer need
A Father’s Day page of Prezzybox that tailors to each customer need

3. Engaging popups

Imagine a customer browsing your Father’s Day collection, interested but not yet committed. Suddenly, a captivating popup offers a special deal on items they’re eyeing. Intrigued, they click to get the deal immediately!

Fossil uses an enagaging popup to notify customers about the deals
Fossil uses an enagaging popup to notify customers about the deals

We highly recommend this FREE Shopify app, Smart PopUp, to launch your Father’s Day campaign without extra fees.

Pro tip: It allows you to set a time until the popup. Customers will have time to consider the gifts.

4. Build Trust With Reviews

When customers are on a product page, highlighting positive reviews from previous Father’s Day campaigns to build trust can incentivize them to click the buy button.

If you have a budget, consider collaborating with influencers with a heading like “Influencers share their Father’s Day gift picks.”

5. Strong CTA

“Only 2 hours left to grab this deal!” 

“Final day for 50% discount. Buy now!”

These call-to-action prompts are your last promotions to create urgency and excitement, typical of flash sales, which urge customers to buy immediately for a fantastic deal.

A strong CTA can convert wavering customers into buyers
A strong CTA can convert wavering customers into buyers

Bonus Tip: Go the extra mile with themed gift wrapping or personalized Father’s Day cards to add a unique touch and elevate the customer experience!


Understanding your products, specifically how they can align with the Dad Types, is the key to a successful Father’s Day campaign on Shopify. Don’t just sell your products. Sell a solution!

While many gift apps are available in the Shopify App Store, BOGOS is still proud to be the Top 1 Shopify Gift App Solution, offering a simple and effective way to get started. By strategically using BOGO, Bundle, and other gift offers, BOGOS will help you transform your Shopify store into a one-stop shop for unique gifts suiting different Dad Types.

Instal BOGOS to grab your 7-day free trial now!

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